Unplugged bliss

Sir, Like Emma Duncan I took a break from my iPhone while visiting family over Christmas (“This plugged-in life is the enemy of thought”, Comment, June 29). The benefits were so immediately obvious that I now rarely use social media at all.

I was particularly glad to be rid of the cacophonous clutter of Facebook, which I now recognise had a negative impact on my mental health and my concentration. While my girlfriend and I use WhatsApp during the week when we are apart, we tend to send short “letters” to each other three or four times a day rather than chat, which avoids distraction and elevates the quality of the conversation. At 32 and 25, I suspect we are representative of a growing number of younger people who have better things to do. I am much happier with my unplugged life — and even took out a print subscription of The Times.

South Croydon

This letter was originally published by The Times.